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Enrollment Process 

All families must complete the enrollment packet for the upcoming school year. Please use this link or call the school at (202) 576-6202.

DCPS School Calendar

Continue to visit our home page for the latest news from Truesdell!  Please use this link to add your Google Calendar to your personal calendar. Never forget a day off! 

Attendance Policy

Regular school attendance is critical for academic success. Our goal is to ensure that every student attends school regularly and on time.

Lunch Menu

What's for lunch today? Find out here. 

School Closings

School closings are determined by the DCPS Chancellor.  Additional on how DCPS decides to close schools, see the DCPS’s inclement weather guidance page.To get information regarding school closings, please use the following sources:

Life Kit:  Sesame Workshop

Is Santa Claus real? What happened to the cat? Why is that kid's skin color different? Raising children means facing tough questions. Sesame Workshop's child development experts have 50 years of experience with giving answers. They help us handle three sensitive subjects: magic, race, and death.  Find this great podcast here.

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