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About Our School Community

Our Mission

Truesdell is the model school community that transforms children, with love into premier scholars, citizens and leaders of tomorrow, capable of fundamentally disrupting systemic racism in order to achieve their full potential and thereby removing the barriers for others to fulfill their wildest dreams. 


Our Core Values

  • Educational Equity | High-quality public school is a civil-right for all children.  We challenge and interrupt historical inequity and systemic barriers. We work towards a more just society.

  • Servant Leadership | We lead by example by listening to and prioritizing the needs of others. We put students first.

  • Growth | We develop ourselves and others. We make our best better and inspire our students to do the same with love.

  • Outcomes | We work hard and purposefully to reach ambitious outcomes that change students' life trajectories.

  • Disruption | We work to drastically alter the notion of what public schools are and what children of color can become.

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